Millennials are Parents! TV, Internet Make Adjustments


A new crop of parents are on deck and marketers are making the adjustment. Millennials, who were born in the 80s and came of age at the turn of the century, are the new new parent.

(Spoiler alert: the fathers as dingbat schtick is alive and well.)

Millennials were raised on the Internet and when it comes to reaching that demographic, pretty pictures in glossy magazines, billboards and pop-up ads just won’t do. Inventorspot gives us a glimpse of how old companies like Evenflo are reaching out to these new parents (on what is really kind of an old format):

YouTube, of course. Check out this ad for a carseat.

And here’s a trailer for “Raising Hope,” an offbeat new Fox comedy starring regulars from the Gen X childhood, Martha Plimpton and Cloris Leachman!

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