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Mind = Blown: Uncanny, Unrelated Look-Alikes Photographed by Canadian Artist (PHOTOS)

Unrelated look-alikes

It seems as if everyone just might have a twin

If you’ve ever wondered if everyone, indeed, has a twin somewhere out there, the work of François Brunelle just might convince you that the answer is a resounding yes.

Since 1999, the Québec-based photographer has been taking unrelated people from North America and Europe who look like twins, or at least close family members, into the studio and creating portraits that reveal just how much non-blood related people can appear to be family by birth.

I’m not a look-alike! is a project of 200 portraits of doppelgangers taken around the world.The subjects are dressed similarly, their hair is often styled in the same fashion, and their poses are about as uncomfortable as any taken in a Sears portrait studio — all of which contributes to the similarities caught on film. But take a closer look, and that’s what makes the photos even more uncanny.

Here are some of Brunelle’s fascinating unrelated look-alike portraits:

  • Montréal, Canada, 2003 1 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2003
    Nathaniel, Edward Toledo
  • Paris, France, 2005 2 of 20
    Paris, France, 2005
    Marcel Stepanoff, Ludovic Maillard
  • Montréal, Canada, 2001 3 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2001
    Edith Préfontaine, Stefany Tremblay
  • Montréal, Canada, 2001 4 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2001
    Jean Vachon, Jacques-Dominique Landry
  • Montréal, Canada, 2001 5 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2001
    Normand Lévesque, Claude Mauffette
  • Montréal, Canada, 2003 6 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2003
    Rémy Girard, Gabriel Guilbert
  • Montréal, Canada, 2003 7 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2003
    Izabel Zimmer, Diane Fortin
  • Montréal, Canada, 2004 8 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2004
    Danielle Boucher, Jovette Desmarais
  • Montréal, Canada, 2003 9 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2003
    Sylvie Gagnon, Caroline Dhavernas
  • Montréal, Canada, 2003 10 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2003
    Normand Grenier, Ahmed Galipeau
  • Montréal, Canada, 2004 11 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2004
    Stéphane Morin, Claude-Simon Langlois
  • Toronto, Canada, 2001 12 of 20
    Toronto, Canada, 2001
    Sarah Fournier, Alan Madill
  • Montréal, Canada, 2004 13 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2004
    Carol-Ann Mandies, Amanda S. Millette
  • Montréal, Canada, 2004 14 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2004
    Ian Perreault, Alain Roberge
  • Montréal, Canada, 2004 15 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2004
    Marie Johnson, Isabelle Péladeau
  • Montréal, Canada, 2004 16 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2004
    Nina Singh, Anna Rubin
  • Montréal, Canada, 2004 17 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2004
    Valérie Carreau, Jean-Phillipe Royer
  • Montréal, Canada, 2004 18 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2004
    Marie-Chantal Perron, Nancy Paul
  • Montréal, Canada, 2004 19 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2004
    Tudor Radulescu, Patrick Paquet
  • Montréal, Canada, 2003 20 of 20
    Montréal, Canada, 2003
    Alex Bartosik, Victoria Stusiak

All images used with permission from François Brunelle

Source: My Modern Metropolis

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