Miracle: 3-Year-Old Child in China Rides His Scooter Into Traffic & Survives (Video)

A Traffic Miracle

Watching this video makes my heart race and my palms get sweaty – especially as a parent. Yet again, it just proves that you should always keep an eye on the toddlers in your care because they don’t yet have that street smarts that are needed for survival. This three-year-old child in a city in China totally lucked out.

While out with his grandfather – who had left his side to use the bathroom – the little boy rode his electric scooter into the middle of a busy intersection going right into the path of large bus. By some miracle, the bus driver noticed the toddler and was able to veer out of the way. But my description doesn’t do the situation justice. Check out the amazing video right here:

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Image Via Herald Sun Video

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