Missing Ohio Girl Update: Family Members Found

Sarah Maynard
Sarah Maynard

13-year-old missing Ohio girl Sarah Maynard was found alive earlier this week bound and gagged in the home of 30-year-old Matthew Hoffman.  As of Wednesday, the remaining members of her party had not been located, including her brother, mother and a family friend.  Unfortunately, in a sad ending to this horrible story, all three missing persons were found dead yesterday.

MSNBC reports that “Matthew Hoffman gave investigators information through his attorneys that led them to the bodies in woods in central Ohio.”  Hoffman remains in jail on charges of kidnapping Sarah Maynard and is the only suspect in the case.  Sarah was found by a SWAT team last weekend, and investigators believe she is “doing well, considering the circumstances.”

“We’re inspired by Sarah’s bravery,” Knox County Sheriff David Barber said, though he admits he’s unsure how much violence the teenager witnessed.  Hoffman’s motive in the killings is unclear.  He was convicted in Colorado of setting a townhouse on fire to cover up a burglary and released in 2007, when he returned to Ohio.

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