Missing Teen Found


2_61_122009_dekkerLaura Dekker, the 14-year-old Dutch sailor famous for going to court to gain the right to be the youngest to to sail around the world solo, was found on the Caribbean territory of St. Maarten after being reported as missing last Friday.

Laura fled the Netherlands after withdrawing 3,500 euros ($5,000) from her bank account and leaving a letter for her father.  Her boat, Guppy, was left behind.

After her unsuccessful attempt to circumnavigate the world solo made headlines early this year, Laura had been placed under the watch of Dutch child care authorities until July, meaning she could not leave the country without their permission.  Apparently she was determined to try again when the period of supervision was lifted and had the support of her dad but not her mom.  Her parents are separated.

Thankfully,  the kid is fine and plans are underway to bring her home.  The thought of a 14-year-old on her own in a small boat in the ocean terrifies me, no matter how qualified she is.  What is her father thinking?

Image:  AP

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