'Mission Impossible: Babies Escape' Documents Pint-Size Houdinis Breaking Free (VIDEO)

Mission Impossible: Babies Escape
Mission Impossible: Babies Escape

Under, over, through — these babies are professionals. You put them in it, they get out of it.

‘Mission Impossible: Babies Escape’ is a video compilation on YouTube of infants doing their best Harry Houdini and making a break from cribs, locked gates and even getting out of one crib only to sneak into another one. One baby gets out and then goes over to assist another in the quest for freedom. After all, there’s strength in numbers — and you don’t ever leave a brother behind. They’re contortionists, acrobats and sneaky little devils.

They might look like small children but don’t be fooled — they are majorly accomplished escape artists.

Take a look:

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Photo/video credit: Newcaven/YouTube

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