Mister Rogers Remix Is Surprisingly Poignant, Only Slightly Freaky

OMG we totally had that tape recorder!

When I first heard that someone had created a digital remix of Fred Rogers, all I could think was, “is nothing sacred?” I should have known better: the video is a the result of a collaboration between PBS Digital Studios and John Boswell of Symphony of Science. The goal of Symphony of Science is “to bring scientific knowledge and philosophy to the public, in a novel way, through the medium of music.”

Rather than mocking Mister Rogers’ gentle style, the digital remix stays true to the genuine celebration of curiosity that was Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

That being said, Mister Rogers sure was groovy. Asking preschoolers “did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind?” is pretty deep. And I’m only slightly freaked out by the giant panda creeping around the tree.


I think it’s got a nice They Might Be Giants vibe to it. What do you think?


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