Mitt Romney Says He Won't Kill Big Bird But...

Mitt Romney Vows Not to Kill Big Bird

“We’re not going to kill Big Bird,” Mitt Romney boldly declared. The presidential candidate tackled his non-murderous plans on Wednesday afternoon at a campaign stop in Clinton, Iowa.  Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or even an Anarchist, no one would want to see this beloved 7-foot-tall bird killed.

Mitt Romney brought up the Sesame Street character while making a pledge to cut government funding of public television and the National Endowment for the Arts. And another thing? He wants to put ads on Sesame Street. He said…“Big Bird is going to have advertisements, all right? And we’re going to have endowments for the arts and humanities, but they’re going to be paid for by private charity, not by taxpayers.”

Ads on Sesame Street? That’s one of the only places on TV where things aren’t being pitched to our children — a commercial free Mecca.

Would you mind if ads started to appear on Sesame Street?

Image: WikiMuppets

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