Moammar Gaddafi is Dead? Reports Say He Has Been Killed or Was He Just Captured?: Busy Parents Briefing

Moammar Gadhafi (Qaddafy, Gaddafy, etc.)
Moammar Gadhafi

Has Moammar Gaddafi been killed? New reports are stating that ousted Libyan leader who ruled Libya for forty years has been — perhaps — been killed. But the details, they are vague.  Bel Haj,  who is the military chief for the National Transition Council, told Al Jazeera that Gadhafi has been killed. But a pro-Gaddafi faction is saying that “Reports Gadhafi was killed or captured “are nothing but rumors.” Who to believe?

There is a graphic image of what looks to be Gaddafi covered in blood and he looks either severely wounded but others are saying it is an image of a dead Gaddafi. NBC is saying he has been killed via three source while other news agencies are tip toeing around the claim.

He was reportedly killed in his hometown of Sirte. And more confusion. Some are saying that Libyan rebels did the deed, while other sources are saying that it happened during an air raid involving NATO forces.

As the story unfolds, more claims, confirmations and information will be coming. But for now, it looks like there will be a mixture of mourning and celebrating in Libya.

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