Modern Mothers Lacking Support

Have you been involved in Mommy Wars?

Cloth or disposable, breast or formula, and intact vs. circumcision. There is no secret mothering today has become an all out war in real life, and on the internet. In recent weeks we have seen the fall out from an attack on attachment parenting, which for me sparked a flame inside of me as someone who practices several aspects of attachment parenting. Although what plagues me the most is the way we are treating each other.

The anonymous factor of the internet today has sparked such uncouth behavior among mothers and people in general it frightens me to even sign online some days. The comments, attacks, and harassment makes me wonder, just like Taffy Brodesser-Akner Why is Mommy so mad?

Taffy talks about the mommy wars, but I don’t think she necessarily goes about it in the right way with the message she is trying to send. When trying to unite mothers, and bring us all together to support our diversity and the choices we make as parents, it is probably the smartest idea to keep insults about parenting styles out of it. Parents are making the choices they feel are best for their children, not just because.

Taffy says:

Me, I don’t much like attachment parenting. I agree with Jong that, in A.P. (as it’s abbreviated), we are enslaving ourselves in the chains our foremothers fought to liberate us from. I think, deep down, A.P. sets up our children to become narcissists if they only see us as extensions of themselves, our bodies and time existing only for them. I don’t love the green movement, either. I’ve tried making my own baby food, and it’s not as smooth as the store-bought kind. It’s also a mess.

Why don’t we stop with the judgment and work to make a safe place for mothers, a judgment free zone on the internet where we embrace the diversity of how we are raising our children today and leave the comments about the “right” way to do things at the door.

There is enough hate in our world already, why don’t we all come together for the good of supporting each other as women and mothers. Leave the snark at the door and make a better future for our children!