Molester Killed by Texas Dad Identified, Murder Will Be Treated as Homocide

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A Texas father beat a man dead who was sexually assaulting his daughter.

BREAKING 5:20 pm: Father will not face charges, grand jury determines.

You of course remember the story that rocked the Internet last week of a Texas father who beat a man to death after catching the man molesting his daughter. The father still has not been identified, but the name of the man who was killed has been released. Jesus Mora Flores was “on the ground and unresponsive,” The Huffington Post says, when the father in question called 911 to report what had happened. The father was not arrested at the time of the incident. Reports from Fox News suggest that Flores was actually on top of the 4-year-old girl being molested. And it gets worse …

“When emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene, Flores’ pants and underwear were down, and his genitals were exposed,” a police statement said. Fox News also notes that “all evidence surrounding this homicide will be presented to the grand jury as soon as possible.” They will determine this week whether or not the father will face any charges. The local sheriff has been working with the Mexican Consulate to locate Flores’ family, according to Fox.

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