Mom Abandons Young Daughters On Brooklyn Street With Diapers In Hand

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The girls were left on a busy street corner.

In a gut-wrenching story today, two little girls were left abandoned on a Brooklyn street by their mother, who left the girls holding extra diapers, and then took off in a car.

The girls, Domini, 5 and Dioni, 3 were left alone on a busy street near a housing project. Five-year-old Domini told police: “Mommy just left us on the sidewalk and drove away.” She was also able to say she lived in a blue house with flowers in front, but was not able to give her last name or address. She did however, give her mother’s first name, Dalisha.

When I first read the story this morning, the mother had not been found but news just broke that mom, Dalisha Adams was arrested after police were able to use what little information the girls gave them. Adams was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

An elderly couple first called 911 after seeing the girls running up and down a busy street. According to the NY Daily News, another witness, Michelle Davis, described seeing the girls:

“They were wandering up and down the sidewalk for a while, just playing by themselves. It’s horrible. How could you leave your own children out there? They’re babies and you just leave them out there like that?”

The girls were evidently dressed well in clean clothes and warm winter jackets wearing Ugg boots and clutching onto a bunch of disposable diapers. There were no apparent signs of any abuse or neglect. Both girls are now in the city Administration for Children’s Services who took temporary custody.

A quick Google search did return a Brooklyn woman with her exact name and if this is the same person, her MySpace profile says she was in college and worked as a security officer. It also says she is a ‘proud parent’ and the site displayed many pictures of her girls (with the names spelled Dominae and Diani) on the social network.

Without knowing the circumstances of the story just yet, it’s impossible to guess why the mom chose to abandon her children. And perhaps she didn’t choose. She could have mental illness, have drug addiction problems, or be a battered woman. While the girls weren’t crying when found, they were “confused” about why their mom would leave them.

There may be more to this story. The photos on the MySpace profile show children who were well taken care of in a nicely kept home with pretty clothes. The older girl is shown in a private school uniform in one photo. There is a photo album for each girl and another album of pictures of another child named Dynasty. The photo of mom shows a wide-eyed young woman who looks very healthy and happy, but of course, looks can be deceiving.

Thank God the girls did not run out into the street and were reported by neighbors rather quickly; it could have ended up much worse. The saddest part of the story is that these little girls are old enough to remember being left in the streets by their own mother.

Image: Hinterland Gazette

UPDATE: Reports now say that Dalisha Adams surrendered at her local precinct and neighbors say she was known to speak very harshly to her children, often yelling obscenities. One neighbor said “She talks very dirty to the children and treats them nasty. She pulls their arm and curses at the children.” The children were left one block away from their paternal grandmother’s apartment who has since said that the children are ages 2 and 3, not 5 and 3. Reports are still very conflicted and changing by the minute.

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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