Mom and Teen Arrested for Using Mace To Fight Bullies: Would YOU? (VIDEO)


A mom in New York gives her 17-year-old daughter mace.  And she allows her to take it to school. It is possible she even suggests it.  Apparently the mace is to protect the teen from bullies at her high school.  The 17-year-old USES the mace on two girls AT her school.  She says she did it because the girls were threatening her.  NBC New York reports both the teenager and her mom are arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

And apparently the mom has no regrets.  She says she would do it again. This?  I suppose is how some parents (or at least one) are tackling the issue of bullying.  If, in fact it is the daughter being bullied and not acting as the bully.

The reports on this one are mixed.

As you can imagine, I have thoughts…. and a few questions for you.


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