Mom and Toddler Run Over By SUV — and Survive [VIDEO]

It's one thing to cross against the light if you're only putting yourself in danger. How do you explain this, however?

When I lived in Manhattan I didn’t have kids so it’s probably not fair to judge, but I would still shake my head in disgust at the sight of moms who crossed the busy streets against a traffic light by stepping off the curb with their occupied baby stroller ahead of them.

It seemed (and still does) so frighteningly dangerous to me to essentially dangle your child as if it were your own toe into the water to assess the temperature. Your child is not your toe; if you want to attempt something that might have a less than happy ending (either scalding hot water or a speeding car), then you should be the one going first.

Check out this video of a woman in Scottsdale, Ariz., crossing against the light while pushing her four-year-old child in a stroller (after the jump):

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Both mom and child were checked out at the hospital and released with non-life threatening injuries. The SUV driver was issued a citation for the accident, which was later dismissed.