Mom Bloggers Behind Paul Ryan Parody Account "@PaulRyanGosling"


It was with great joy and glee that I spotted the @paulryangosling account on Twitter the night of the Vice Presidential Candidates debate (helpfully pointed out to me by Dresden, as we were watching the debate together). I’ve been a huge fan of many of the Ryan Gosling memes, and since I’m not that big a fan of Paul Ryan (my apologies to those of you that do like him; he just doesn’t float my political boat) I found the tweets hilarious. For example:

So imagine my surprise today when it was revealed by New York Mag that the women behind the account were mom bloggers!

Turns out it’s the fabulous women behind The Mouthy Housewives Wendi Aarons, Marinka, Kristine, Kelcey, and Karen Gerwin according to an article today in the Daily Intel section of New York Magazine.

Daily Intel can now reveal that @paulryangosling is the creation of five humor writers, three who live in the New York City area and two in Texas. All mothers of small and school-age children, they blog at a website called “The Mouthy Housewives,” an advice site that one of them described as “Dear Abby if she were a little bit tipsy.” The idea came to them early in the morning on Aug. 11,  the day the Republican vice-presidential nominee was announced.

Sadly, the women have struggled a bit with Twitter:

Five hours before the presidential debate on Tuesday, the celebrity avatar known as @PaulRyanGosling was unceremoniously shut down. “We have received a valid report that your account is engaged in non-parody impersonation,” wrote Edward Mayfair from Twitter HQ.

For now they’ve simply changed the bio making it’s clear it’s a parody account (“PARODY. Role-playing. Not affiliated with VP candidate Paul Ryan or actor Ryan Gosling. Obviously.”), but the threat still lingers. Hopefully, they’ll be able to hold out for the next three weeks so we don’t have to miss tweets like this:



Well done, ladies! You’re definitely in my binder of women.

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