Mom Bloggers Mourn Steve Jobs


steve_jobs3Tonight the fail whale popped up on Twitter thanks to overwhelming sadness at the passing of a tech giant, Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs, of course, is the co-founder and former (until just six weeks ago) CEO of Apple. It was back in the late 1970s that Steve Jobs and his co-founders Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula launched the first successful line of personal computers, the Apple II. He was the first to recognize how well a mouse could work with a computer. He then led the charge in changing the music scene with the iPod, iTunes, and the ubiquity of the MP3 player. Then he was at the helm when the iPhone showed up and changed the game in cell phone functionality, and then of course did it once again with the introduction of the world’s coolest functional toy, the iPad.

And that doesn’t even count the work he did at Pixar.


I say this as I’m typing this on my Macbook, with my iPhone at my elbow. I’m one of those people that’s crazy about Apple products, from waaay back when I had one of these:

Other mom bloggers expressed their sympathy tonight on Twitter.

Go in peace, Steve Jobs. We will miss you.



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