Mom Bloggers Share Their Lottery Dreams On Twitter


We can’t help it. As the crazy jackpot in the Mega Millions continues to grow (currently at an insane $640 Million), most of us are indulging in a little bit of lottery winning fantasy and thinking about the big “what ifs.”

What would you do if you won? I know what I’d do (and it’s pretty much the same thing you’d all do pay bills, buy a nicer house, travel, help my friends). But just for fun, I tossed the question out on twitter to see what my fellow bloggers would say. First, I asked what they’d do with the money.

So then I asked if folks would continue to blog if they won the lottery.

I’ve always had a dream about starting a non-profit that would give bloggers grants, so I asked if folks would want to help bloggers if they won.

Then there’s just the fun blogging stuff people would do.

So, have you bought your ticket? Are you hoping to win? Daydream with us!

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