Mom Buys Billboard for Daughter's Prom Queen Bid: Awesome or Embarrassing?

Mom Buys Billboard for Daughter's Prom Queen Bid

Some mothers would do anything for their daughters, but usually that is in terms of feeding them, housing them and making sure they get a decent education. But one mom poured her energy, efforts and money into something less essential.  Texas teen Brandy Day’s mother went all out to help her daughter become prom queen: she bought ads in the local paper, printed fliers, rented a sign outside a taco shop, and then she really went overboard. She bought a bold pink billboard to try to earn votes for her teen. “Families feel like it’s a little too much or over the top for one night,” Mama Day told ABC, “but then again, it only happens one time in your child’s life.”

And what did her daughter think of this? Apparently she originally brought it up to her mom but, “I was joking, but she took me seriously,” she said. “When she texted me a pic of the billboard and the newspaper, I was shocked.”

As Jezebel notes, the overzealous drive will probably do more harm that good, saying, “anyone who’s ever lived through high school knows that the advertisements could, in fact, lose her the election — who wants a spoiled brat with an aggressively pink PR campaign to win?”

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