Mom Calls 911 for Son's Video Game Habits


grand-theft-autoA mother fed up with her teenage son’s video game obsession decided it counted as an emergency – so she called 911.

And two Boston police officers actually had to waste their time telling a teenage boy to listen to his mother.

The cops told the Boston Herald the fourteen-year-old son of single mom Angela Meija was up in the middle of the night playing Grand Theft Auto. The forty-nine-year-old said she didn’t buy or approve of the game, and she couldn’t get her son to turn it off and simply go to sleep.

As it was hours after she’d told him to go to sleep, she unplugged his Playstation and called the cops. The two officers arrived and told the boy to turn his light off and go to bed.

Sounds like one frustrated mother, and her antics worked. But calling 911 for a non-emergency is a public safety issue. It pulls cops off the street when they could be out somewhere answering a true emergency. In some spots around the country, it’s even considered a crime with stiff penalties.

Do you think both members of the Meija family could use some lessons in obeying?

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