"Mom Cards" Are the Sign of the Devil



I fully admit that my knee jerk reaction against mom cards — basically “business” cards you hand out at the playground so other parents remember your name, child’s name and phone number — has a lot to do with profound jealously.

Who can possibly be this organized?

And how can I possibly not feel like a total and complete failure in their presence?

There are days I can barely get the kid out of the house, not because we’re harried or hurried or frantically trying to get to the next activity — but because I can’t find her shoes, or her coat, or, somedays, her. So if someone hands me a prettily made business card at the playground, I’m pretty sure I’d never call. I just don’t want to see the kind of life you live, if you’re organized enough to make up, print out and hand out playdate calling cards. I just can’t deal with that kind of pressure.

But of course there’s more. There’s always more.

The idea seems not only hyper Type A to me but also a little Victorian. In an age when you can literally bump your hand held calling doohickey against another person’s hand held calling thingamabob and instantly share information, calling cards seem hopelessly outdated and wasteful.

Have you ever seen — or handed out — a playdate calling card? What do you think?

— Mike @ Cry it Out!