Mom Charged in Death of Child Hit By a Car While Crossing The Street


A Mom might serve up to 36 months in jail when tried next week for the death of her son while she tried to walk her family across the street from the bus station.  Her sentence would be longer than the one served by the driver, whom only served a total of six months and admitted to having alcohol and pain meds before driving, and had also been convicted previously of a hit-and-run in 1997.

Georgia mom Raquel Nelson was attempting to cross an intersection with her three children when her son was struck by a car. The child later died from his injuries. Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids also writes an excellent summary and commentary:  Outrage of the Week: Mom Convicted in Death of Son (Who Ran Across The Street).

I’m devastated for the woman’s loss and have questioned my own judgment constantly throughout motherhood. I struggle with being overprotective and “too safe”, but can we ever be?

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