Mom Convinces Michael Buble to Let Her Son Sing with Him Onstage

michael buble
Michael Buble: he's a giver of gifts.

Thanks to Facebook, I just came across a great YouTube clip of a Michael Buble concert filmed last year. (Say what you will about the word “great” and “Michael Buble” being used together, but “Haven’t Met You Yet” is one of the songs that got me over my post-divorce hump, or lack of hump, as it were). For some reason this clip is being shared again, and it’s hard to tell if this moment is staged or not, but I’m guessing it wasn’t considering how frank Michael Buble is in interacting with the “crazy woman” in this story. She’s the mother of a 15-year-old boy who wants to be a professional singer, and she convinces Buble to let her son join him onstage. The young man does join the adult contemporary crooner, and everyone gets a nice surprise out of it. Take a look:


Photo via Michael Buble’s site

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