Mom Defends Botox For 8 Year-Old Daughter on Good Morning America [VIDEO]


Mom Defends Giving Daughter Botox on TV

A month or so ago, I wrote about Kerry Campbell, the San Francisco mom who injects her 8 year-old daughter with Botox to minimize her “wrinkles”. Today, Campbell made an appearance on Good Morning America to explain herself. Campbell was completely unapologetic about her choices, saying flatly that if Britney is to succeed in the cut-throat world of kiddie beauty pageants, she’s going to have to have Botox.

In a heartbreaking interview with GMA correspondent Lara Spencer, Britney is asked why she gets the injections. Her first answer: “I don’t know.” After a bit of coaching from her mom, she acknowledges that she doesn’t like the wrinkles on her face, a puzzling concept, until we learn that she’s actually talking about the lines that appear on her face when she’s smiling.

Kerry Campbell is adamant in her stance, which is, essentially: “Everybody’s doing it”.

Lara Spencer points out that her son comes home every day asking for the new X Box game. But she doesn’t buy it for him  just because everybody else does. In the post-interview wrap up, Spencer tells George Stephanopoulus that this interview was really tough for her as a mother, because she felt so strongly that what Kerry Campbell is doing is wrong.

It’s a bit upsetting to watch this little girl with her mother, who appears to me to have coached her daughter to respond to interview questions in a specific way (Every time she says “It hurts”, she quickly follows with “I get used to it”). Campbell seems unwilling or unable to acknowledge any harm that her actions might cause, continually returning to the refrain of “I’m not the only one.”  When Dr. Charles Sophy, a psychiatrist, is interviewed about Britney, he says he is in disbelief, and horrified. He suggests that there may be projection on the part of the mother, worries about the lasting effects this might have on Britney, and calls for a psychological intervention.

After watching Kerry Campbell in action, I’m pretty worried about Britney’s psychological well being in general. Watch the video and see if you agree.

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