Mom Fights Off Cougar Attacking Kid


cougarNotice to Mother Nature: do not mess with a mama and her kid. She will take you OUT.

Maureen Lee was walking in a forest in her native Canada with daughter Maya and the family dog when a cougar launched itself on the little girl. So Lee attacked . . . the cougar.

Using nothing but her bare hands, Lee was able to fend off the adult male cougar (they usually weigh at least one hundred fifteen to one hundred sixty pounds) by herself. According to Sky News, the cat had its paws on the little girl’s head and had pushed her to the ground, so Lee wedged herself in between them, then threw the cat off of her back. She took off running, and when she called for help, conservation officers set off into the woods to track the animal and kill him.

Maya is OK – she suffered some puncture wounds to her head but nothing major. Being three, her biggest concern was “Why didn’t the kitty play nice?” according to her dad.

I’ve never faced down a cougar for my daughter – fortunately. But a nasty pitbull made me pull a full-on mama bear moment a few years back. What’s the scariest thing you ever faced for your kids?

Image: Sky News

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