Mom Finds Her Baby Locked Alone in Day Care Center


42-15592073Someone is so in trouble. A Rhode Island daycare center apparently didn’t keep very good tabs on their wards. A 9-month-old baby was forgotten and locked in a day care center all alone for about an hour. The AP is reporting that a mother in Johnston, Rhode Island arrived at the center to pick up her child only to find the facility closed with not a soul around. She began to banging on the door and yelling. When a neighbor heard the ruckus, they helped her gain entry into the day care center where her child was found alone and crying in a crib. Apparently the daycare workers simply forgot the child was there.

The owner of the day care center pointed the finger at the mother saying that she hadn’t signed the baby in when she had dropped him off. And that it was a “crazy mistake”. But since the baby was actually there, wouldn’t that trump any kind of sign in sheet?  Perhaps they have just that many kids that one could be forgotten.

Could you or would you ever forgive a daycare center for forgetting your kid was there?


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