Mom Gives Birth on Flying Helicopter


1032377_26679362Pregnant women aren’t usually allowed to fly in their last month of pregnancy, but Natasha Watahomigie didn’t have much of a choice.

Her only route out of her small village at the base of the Grand Canyon is on horseback. So when Watahomigie went into labor twelve days early, a helicopter was summoned.

Sent from nearby Kingston, the DPS helicopter swooped in and flew Watahomigie towards the nearest hospital. But just minutes away, she started to yell, “He’s coming!”

“She kept insisting it was coming, and I kept telling her ‘No, it’s not,'” Darren Winters, who assisted the birth, told CNN. “Finally, she was right and I was wrong.”

Amidst all the high drama, little Tyson Jr. was born weighing seven pounds, seven ounces. His mom and her birth attendants agree: His unusual birth means he’s destined to fly again someday … as a pilot.

It’s hard to imagine a more unusual birth story than this, but if you’ve got one that comes close, share it with us in comments!

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