Toddler Found in Road, Mom at Bar


curve-in-the-road-300x2251Another two-year-old was found wandering alone in the road, picked up by a random driver who called 911.  What with toddlers climbing through fence holes and escaping from older siblings, I’m starting to wonder if toddlers are really tiny little masterminds.  Or guinea pigs.

In any case, this poor little baby didn’t escape her safe home … she was abandoned in it by her mother, who decided to go to the bar and leave her home alone.

A driver came upon the little girl, who was wearing nothing but a diaper, as he drove along Surry County Road in Mount Airy, N.C.  — a narrow road with limited visibility.  He spent 20 minutes trying to track down her family before calling 911, and authorities spent another two hours before finally reaching her grandparents.  Mother Tammy Medlind was staying with them, they said, but they thought the baby was with her.

When Medlind returned home she was slapped with a child neglect charge and driving under the influence.  The baby is safe and sound, thanks to a sharp-eyed driver and good samaritan.