Mom Has Twins On Election Day: Names Them What?



Mom Has Twins On Election Day: Names Them What?
Proud mom and her twins, Barack and ....?

Hormones have been known to cause some strange things, but whether this story was a case of hormones we just may never know.

A mother-to-be in Kenya delivered twin boys on Tuesday, our Election Day. Since the mom lives in the town of Slaya, not far from where President Obama’s brother and other relatives live, it is not surprising that when the first twin was born, she named him Barack.

Not a surprising story by any means. However,  you might not guess what she named her second born twin…

Mitt. For real…Mitt.

While I couldn’t fathom naming a boy, or any baby after Mittens, I also wonder how the sibling rivalry will play out in that family; one brother named after President Barack Obama and the other one, well,let’s just say he surely got jipped in the name department.

Closer to home, in Chicago, a woman who went into labor around 3am Election Day morning made sure she stopped on her way to the hospital to vote. Since it was  the first time the 21-yer-old was eligible to vote, she felt it was something she had to do, labor or no labor.

And we are sure hoping that baby was not named Mitt!!




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