Mom Jumps Out Window After Falling Toddler

toddler falls out open window
Mom jumps out window after falling toddler

Another case for kid-proofing your house.

A mom jumped out a window after her toddler fell out their fifth story apartment window last week.

The mother and 2-year-old were on a couch next to an open window when the boy fell out the window, landing on a fourth-floor balcony below.

The mother quickly leapt out the window to save her child, herself landing on the balcony below and suffering a broken ankle.

The child only suffered a hit and bruise to the head.

While it’s admirable that the mother quickly jumped to her child’s rescue, it could have been prevented altogether with some safety precautions safety bars for the open window are a small step that makes a huge difference.

No doubt the summer heat has people opening their windows for a breath of fresh air, but this can create a dangerous situation forlittle ones toddling about.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a more tragic accident, but it’s a great wake up call to make sure you’re taking the extra steps to make your home a safe place.


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