"Mom Jury" to Determine Internet Decency


internet-safetyThe Chinese government has had enough of Internet pornography–and they’re not going to take it more.

That’s why their bringing out the big guns: mothers. The government has announced the formation of a “mom jury”–60 mothers from around the country who are charged with surfing the Internet, finding pornographic Web sites that are accessible to children, and alerting the government so that it can take steps to shut down the sites.

We all know that men have filthy minds, so it’s only natural that fathers were not considered for this important governmental position.

In their all-out assault on inappropriate Web content, China has already blocked 15,000 sites. But the definitions of “inappropriate” seem to be more than a little iffy. According to the New York Daily News, “China recently has become more aggressive with its Internet policing policies, and is being accused of backing last month’s hacker attacks on Google’s Chinese-language search engine, which the company says targeted the email accounts of human rights activists.”

“Mom jury” may sound like a kid-friendly approach to Internet safety (however sexist), but I think we can bet that the government’s goal is not just to keep kids for seeing the odd breast.

What would you think if the U.S. charged private citizens with policing the Internet? Do you think there’s any value to the idea, assuming the stated goal was actually carried out?

Photo: New York Daily News