Mom Makes Animal Concentration Camp, Loses Kids


sharon-mcdonoughA woman charged with creating an animal “concentration camp” in her backyard has now lost the two-legged critters she cared for – her own kids.

The head of the Suffolk County SPCA told CBS News the mass animal burial site uncovered in Sharon McDonough’s backyard was the “worst case” of animal abuse he’s ever seen. Coming from a twenty-five year veteran of animal cruelty investigations, that’s saying something.

McDonough has been accused of stealing animals from around her neighborhood, torturing them, killing them and burying twenty-some in her Long Island backyard.

Now a judge has ordered the single mom’s seven kids into foster care or to the care of her eldest son, a twenty-one-year-old who reportedly alerted authorities to his mom’s alleged proclivities. McDonough will be undergoing a psychiatric examination – in part because officials say the behavior began after the loss of her husband a year ago. The results of the exam will determine whether or not she gets the kids back.

Animal abuse is often the sign of an extremely disturbed mind, and one step below abuse on human beings. Even if she didn’t hurt the kids, living in the house where animals were being tortured is no way to grow up.

She’s pleading not guilty on the charges – and she wants her kids back. What do you think?

Image: Gothamist

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