Mom of 5 Arrested & Spends Night in Jail for Not Returning Twilight to the Library

Check Out Twilight & Go to Jail

The children of Lori Teel of Albuquerque, New Mexico learned a valuable lesson courtesy of their mother, the Albuquerque police department and the family’s local library. The lesson learned? Return your library books in time. Especially if they have to do with vampires who sparkle.

Earlier this month Ms. Teel was arrested in her home in front of her five young children no less and had to spend the night in jail. Her crime?

Not returning a copy of the Twilight book as well as a two-DVD set The Twilight Saga: New Moon back to the Portales Public Library. The fines were a non-staggering  $35.98 —  the cost of the items — whose due date was Oct. 5, 2010.

The issue of the overdue Twilight titles became serious when a judge issued a warrant for Ms. Teel’s arrest after she didn’t appear when summons that had been issued in March of 2011.  But her lawyer said that the summons – and later an arrest warrant – were sent to a house that she hasn’t lived in since she was a kid. But don’t worry, the police weren’t out spending valuable time searching out library users with past due fees. The cops were  reportedly  at the home on June 12th due to a call that there was disturbance at the home involving Ms. Teel’s husband allegedly assaulting someone.  Her husband was arrested on “charges of aggravated battery and tampering with evidence.” While busting her husband, the police realized there was a warrant out for Ms. Teel’s arrest and arrested her as well.

“Honestly, it was awful,” Teel said of her arrest and night in jail. “For me, it was very awful because I have never been in trouble for anything in my life.”

The worst thing for Ms. Teel was the affect it had on her children. Not only were her children who are aged one to ten witnesses to the arrest but they had to stay at a neighbors house. “My kids are still very emotional,” Ms. Teel said. “They had to stay with a complete stranger. My 3-year-old is traumatized over it. She will not leave my side.”

Did the the authorities overreact over these overdue items?


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