Mom on TIME's Breastfeeding Cover Talks to TODAY

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Jamie Lynne Grumet, TIME cover mom

So, some background here before you watch this segment. The young mother on the cover of TIME magazine’s “Are You Mom Enough?” issue is named Jamie Lynne Grumet. She’s 26, a mother of two children, one adopted from Ethiopia and one biological son, who appeared with her on the TIME cover. Grumet’s story is kind of oddball, even for hippie/crunchy standards. Her own mother breastfed her til she was 6, and not only is Grumet practicing extended breastfeeding with her biological son, she successfully breastfed her adopted son as well. (She referred to it as “transracial extended adoptive breastfeeding,” which is, uh, a mouthful.)

Grumet blogs at I Am Not the Babysitter, which has crashed since the TIME cover hit the Internet yesterday. She seems like a lovely young woman, very soft spoken and sweet, and not at all pushy about her lifestyle choice. What I find most hilarious about this clip, below, is that Grumet – the singular subject of America’s fascination headed into Mother’s Day weekend – could hardly get a word in edgewise because of all the things the stodgy old white men next to her had to say about motherhood. #killmenow

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