Top 50 iPhone Apps for Moms

About a week after I began using my iPhone, I was in love. I had a calendar with me at all times, and I was able to stay on top of my family's schedule - even though there are six of us! I had email access while I was out, so I wasn't constantly playing catch up with PTO business in the evening. And then I discovered apps! With these programs, I could track my baby's feeding schedule, my family's illnesses, and my attempts at exercise. And there were apps that could help keep my children entertained and educated! My iPhone was quickly becoming a vital tool that made my busy mom life more manageable.

In January 2009 I began a website, The iPhone Mom, dedicated to helping moms find apps that could do the same for them. Since beginning the site, I've seen both the quantity and quality of useful apps for moms grow. asked me to put together a list of my Top 50 iPhone Apps for Moms. Here, in descending order, are my favorites and the ones I think you'll find most useful.

--Heather Leister

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62 thoughts on “Top 50 iPhone Apps for Moms 2011 (-3)

  1. Aimeek says:

    I am so excited about my new app, Aimee’s Babies Baby massage. If you would like to learn to do baby massage on you baby to help with colic, bonding, development,and sleep patterns please check it out at:

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a great collections of useful and fun applications for iPhone Moms.
    Great job iPhoneMom


  3. Johnny says:

    Try Game Time Limit for Parents: essential parenting app for iPhone/iPod

    The app enables parents to set a timer which limits the amount of game playing (or screen) time the child gets. When the timer ends, a “Time’s Up” alarm appears on the screen, preventing the child from playing further. The only way to stop the alarm is for the child to hand the iPhone/iPod over to the parent who will enter a passcode to disable the alarm.

    Getting your child to stop playing games on your iPhone or iPod will never be the same again. No nagging, no last reminders, no threats … just let the app do its job. Sit back, relax …. soon, your child’s probably on his way to bring your iPhone back to you”

  4. Mary says:

    Hello, I have been using Leash GPS Tracker for iPhone for monitoring my kids. It works great and it is a free app. Highly recommended.

  5. shoppegirls says:

    Thank you for sharing these apps. I will be checking them all out.

  6. Verna Austria says:

    Thanks for this long list, really a lot to choose from and make Iphones as intelligent and hardworking as we are! Try downloading Intuition( It is really an engaging iPhone app that simplifies my life as a businesswoman and busy mom! And did I say it’s free?!

  7. cowmilk says:

    We love the Smarty Shortz apps

  8. Tech Girl says:

    Apps like these are essential to moms! Moms need all the help they can get sometimes!

    I am using to get my app project developed and I know many moms that always have great ideas for apps! After reading this I thought I would pass along the website address to you Moms out there that may have an app idea that you want to get developed!

  9. Ron Jones says:

    My two year old likes iBabyPad If you like this one, try iBabyPad

  10. Anonymous says:

    Monster Meter is the best idea for an app I’ve seen in awhile! If your children are afraid of monsters, it will scan a room and prove to them that it is safe and no monsters are there! So cute and a lifesaver for sleep deprived Moms! :)

  11. GabriellaGaby says:

    Talking about the best iPhone apps for kids I would like to mention about Kinder Hangman – that is specially designed to improve vocabulary of kids and help them remember new words. iTune link is This iPhone app works to improve child’s development and can be used to prepare kids for school. It is intended for kids of 4-6 years.

  12. fastednj says:

    dont forget one of the most imporant, insurance! drop that iphone and its $700 out of contract. Check out Phonephix via the app store. comes out to only $5 a month and its a great plan. Avoid disaster!

  13. LanaLang says:

    Your list of top 50 iphope apps is awesome and really helpful! Thanks for sharing. Like every sensible parent, I am concerned about my sons health rather than educational or entertaining things. Regular sport exercises and outdoor activities should be set as highest priority. From there, Id add uSwim application to your list:
    It shows parents how to teach kids to swim of all ages. The step by step videos and easy-to-follow lesson plans let me teach my son to swim without getting any swimming lessons, at our own pace and place.
    Moreover, its free!

  14. Little Shield says:

    Thanks for the list! I have just checked and there are only 10 apps in this list available on my iPhone T_T. Must check them all :)

    Another app I want to add is Warm Wishes, I’m using this to create wishes cards with my 5 years old girl. Real fun and creative.

  15. PapaSmurph says:

    check this one, it’s wonderful at saving you arguments and meltdowns. It’s called Am I Done.

  16. Sateesh Kumar Talupuri says:

    “BabyStory” is new application released in January, which is very useful for Moms and Dads. It has got memories section for taking videos and photos, record audio and text notes and view as diary. It has got logbook section to record height and weight of kids, hospital doctor visits, vaccination details, sleeping and feeding trends etc. It also got some kid entertainment section with games and rhymes and also some article section for ready reference.

  17. Maciek Saganowski says:

    Good selection here. Please check out the new kid on the block – educational app for kids – Little Ears Contact me via facebook for a promo code :)

  18. Nomad Chique says:

    Great extensive list! I have a couple that aren’t on the list to share –

  19. Crystal Clear says:

    “Health Album” is a great new health app for parents in the iTunes store and its FREE. It allows you to record your childs growth, development, vaccinations and other medical information. The App is really easy to use so you have quick access to your childs health details.

  20. Igon says:

    Try kids-friendly search app, Quintura Kids and recipe search app, Quintura Cook. It’s visual search with a tap.

  21. Toni says:

    For mothers-to-be:
    Baby Birthday
    There is nothing out there like it…and it works amazingly well!
    Predicts exactly when to expect your babys birth (since the due date really doesn’t tell you much about when the baby will be born). It calculates a customized date for you based on your prior history, medical complications, recent exams, and even barometric pressure!

    More importantly, it provides an estimate of the chances of delivery in the next day, few days, week, two weeks, etc. so you can plan (when to stop working, when to have your mother-in-law come to help, etc.)

    A must for any mother who wonders when her baby (or babies) will be born!

  22. Josie30 says:

    This is also a great app for finding new books for babies:

  23. Gina says:

    Park Finder for iPhone is great for finding new playgrounds nearby.

  24. Kelly Cairns says:

    Another excellent iphone/ipad app is Sue Atkins’ Parenting Made Easy – The Secrets to Well Behaved Kids

  25. Mary Calvert says:

    Ranger browser for ipod and iphone is great for protecting kids while online. Great features, a cinch to setup and my rugrats don’t even notice!

  26. Nicole Arnoto says:

    Shelly-any of these interesting to you? Does M.have an IPhone?

  27. Jenifer West says:

    I like this app called “myNails for Facebook”. Great way to design your own nails and share it or bring it to the shop.

  28. Jane Clayton says:

    There is a great new iPhone app released a week ago – DailySync.
    While this app is not specific to moms, you can follow a large number of websites and blogs of interest to moms, from this app. This has app has a nice interface.

    The App Store has some beautiful screenshots for this application – just search for DailySync in the iTunes Store.

    In addition to the beautiful layout, I also like the smooth transitions between different views. There is also a bultin calendar client; you can look up your calendar events from within this app, without switching to the iPhone calendar application.

  29. Kim J says:

    I tried out the DailySync application that someone mentioned ealier – it is indeed a beautifully laid out app. I add a number of feeds/channels to my app and I can scroll through them quickly. The animated closing/opening of feeds is delightful to watch.

  30. Eden Godsoe says:

    There is a lot on this list. I agree w/ many of these but curious how the list came about. Maybe further curation or voting would be good. To that end, I just made this my list of “Best iPhone Apps for Moms” and would love women to vote or suggest things I missing –

  31. Bill Snebold says:

    Here’s a new iPhone app to help mothers-to-be stay in shape and new moms take off the baby weight. Mommacise! Take a look.

  32. WeAreFacesKids says:

    The wolf and the seven goats is a new interactive kids application for iPad / iPhone and iPod.
    This is the interactive version of the classic fairy tale The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats by the Brothers Grimm in English and Russian for kids of all ages.
    Read, watch, and listen to the famous Fairy Tale on your iPad or iPhone.
    - Kid-friendly and colorful interface
    - Animations and sounds on every page
    - Brings characters to life by tapping them
    - High quality illustrations
    - Read for me features allow your kids to listen to the story without your help
    App is out today only $1.99 for both iPhone and iPad! Please help us spread the word!

  33. MaggieMay says:

    What about iTriage? Great for a mom with kids who constantly are getting sick. I had a co-worker who works in a hospital tell me about this one.

  34. J.J. Wei says:


    I am the marketing representative of Ice Whale, an educational iPhone/iPad app development team. We are now providing Math Exercise Kid which is a series of interactive math exercise applications for children. We also provide free trials.

    We launched our latest app with a special promotion, the FREE full version Math Exercise Kid (Division) with no ads. This special promotion will be ended at 5:00 PM, 5th of August, 2011 (Eastern Daylight Time). We strongly welcome you to take advantage of our special offer.

    We are now releasing our latest Math Exercise Kid HD (Addition & Subtraction). It is an iPad app with many new features. Here is the direct link to app store.

    Math Exercise Kid HD (Addition & Subtraction)

    Download Math Exercise Kid (Division) Free for limited time!
    Math Kid Free
    Math Kid Free (Multiplication)
    Please visit our blog at for more information.

  35. A Shaw says:

    Check out the KinKast Video Sharing app, and start privately sharing your iPhone videos of your kids with your family wherever they live. It’s free, fast and easy!

  36. Josephine B says:

    This is a great list, I’ve found the app TouchyBooks to be a real life saver. It’s a library of kids books thats completely interactive and really keeps my 3 and 5 year old entertained. Also its in one app so I don’t have my iphone cluttered with hundreds of kids apps!I’m also a huge fan of the nike + gps free app. It’s great for any running moms out there!

  37. Satch says:

    Thanks for writing such an easy-to-unedsratnd article on this topic.

  38. Amit Knaani says:

    Great list (so many recipes apps!) I think we can learn a lot about how-people-think-about-moms when we read this…
    I love the kinkast app that mentions below, the realm is close to my heart (re Vikido..) and Mom Maps is a rock-star app!
    I think that what I miss as a mom is an app that will be a catalog of all those apps :) some “browser” of apps, same login, same social out-comes etc…
    Amit ( co founder)

  39. Gameadu says:

    Recently we created two I-Apps puzzle games for kids- Tile Teaser where you move the tiles to solve the puzzle, and Mazigsaw which is a magical Jigsaw game. These puzzles are unique because they are very simple and clutter free puzzles, sure to stimulate the little brains. My 5 and 7 years old kids just love these personalized puzzles. You should try them out:,

  40. Singing Daisies says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi everyone, I just release an app yesterday called Singing Daisies. This is the story of my daughter, and how she inspired me to build it. Read the story

    here is a promo code for the iphone RM7JAMLJ7H4F

    i hope you enjoy it

  41. Moran says:

    If you have a baby this is the app for you:

    Read More
    Sign up for iVillage Special Offers

  42. Moran says:

    If you have a baby this is the app for you:

  43. Samantha Joseph says:

    Great apps !!!
    Well these days a lot of tech savvy moms are going for online health classes like prenatal yoga workout classes.
    Check out one of such classes at

  44. Anonymous says:

    Free iphone app for parents – iLove Baby Photos.
    Add frames your baby photos and print a magnet straight from the app!
    This is the app’s blog:
    It has instructions about how to use the app.
    Link to download the app:

  45. Nathan Clark says:

    Me and another dad have created a parenting app that turns doing chores into a game. Have a look. I know you will like it.

  46. Ashok Puttur says:

    Misty Baby – iPhone Apps
    he Unlimited Fun on your iPhone. The misty chilling babies will make you crazy. You will ever stop laughing, its all fun fun fun A perfect companion for each and everyone Misty baby makes you relax, laugh and have crazy fun


  47. Ashok Puttur says:

    Misty Baby – Best baby iPhone Apps
    he Unlimited Fun on your iPhone. The misty chilling babies will make you crazy. You will ever stop laughing, its all fun fun fun A perfect companion for each and everyone Misty baby makes you relax, laugh and have crazy fun


  48. John says:

    My son’s favourite iPhone game is “Super Kids”, it’s really beautifully designed educational game, you can find it here

  49. Laura Kay says:

    I’ve been using the “Santa Scan-O-Meter” iPhone app lately. It has a Christmas Countdown and it allows me to “scan” my kids to see if they are “Naughty” or “Nice”! No random results, (just a secret parent scanning!). My kids haven’t figured it out yet :-)

  50. Jimmy says:

    “Santa’s Magic Phone Deluxe” app from is AMAZING! You can totally control and reward your kids with this! Simply the best Santa app available.

  51. Amygdra says:

    If you’re trying to make a scavenger hunt, check out Clue Sleuth. There’s over 60 household objects that you can use to make a rhyming scavenger hunt! Contact with clue requests or suggestions for the next version!

  52. Anonymous says:

    We just released an iPhone app that aggregates deals from leading mom-centric daily deal sites like Plum District, Mamapedia, Savvy Moms, as well as major players like Groupon and LivingSocial.
    Now you no longer have to wade through countless emails from the daily deal sites to find a deal you might be interested in. Koopio is like or Expedia for daily deals. Check it out at

  53. NormalChildApp says:

    We are the happy parents of twin boys. Keep track of the measures, diseases, vaccines was a real headache, so a couple of months ago we released NormalChildApp. It’s available on the AppStore (
    Or you can visit our web

  54. Anonymous says:

    To make sure we are all keeping our kids’ skin healthy checkout this app I use for my kids and myself. it takes pictures of moles on your skin and shows their symptoms of melanoma. I am so paranoid about my kids in the sun.

  55. Anonymous says:

    To make sure we are all keeping our kids’ skin healthy checkout this app I use for my kids and myself – MoleDetective. It takes pictures of moles on your skin and shows their symptoms of melanoma. I am so paranoid about my kids in the sun.

  56. PaddockSolutions says:

    Do you have a great idea for an iPhone app but no funds to realize it? Visit
    Best suggestion will be implemented – at no cost to you. See Dropoff Tracker (iPhone App) for a recently Mom-suggested app developed by us. Deadline is March 1st – be quick!

  57. SueC says:

    Pinweel – Finally here is an “about time” new iphone photo sharing app – great for moms and kids to share private or public photos with family or friends. It is the first one that I have found where members of our family from across the country can all add photos and comments into the same album at once. I also think it is great for 8 and up kids. My daughter uses her iTouch to share photo albums and comments with friends and cousins. I love the privacy options and feel safe letting them use this app. They have a site for more info or it is free at the app store. Hope you dig it as much as I do.

  58. AnnMari says:

    My girl likes all app of TOCA BOCA. My son (he is very little – only 5 month) likes the app HAPPY NEWBORN. It is good! Black white pictures and rattles. There is a lot of usefull information about baby development. I advice it.

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