Top 50 iPhone Apps for Moms

It's all about the apps, ain't it? Oh, we know we can't live without our iPhones, but the truth is, the real "lifesavers" behind the lifesaver are all those tiny little programs that make a parent's life infinitely better. But which are worth buying? And how do they work? And who has time to figure this out, anyway? Well, we do, and we did. Read on to find the apps that will help you manage your life, or at least a portion of it! Don't see your favorite? Nominate it here! - Sarah Kimmel

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Craft Finder


The best iPhone apps for moms have been announced! Craft Finder



Craft Finder’s Rankings

Stuck indoors with the kids on a rainy day and trying to avoid some serious cabin fever? Simply pull up the Craft Finder app from the Disney FamilyFun magazine! The app has a ton of crafting ideas – complete with step-by-step instructions – to keep everyone from toddlers to tweens busy and happy. You can search by age, how much time a project takes, or occasion-specific activities (like holidays and birthdays). You can also flag projects for future crafting and create shopping lists, so you won’t forget to grab the right paper size when you are at the store. The app even lets you share pics of what your kids made through Facebook and Twitter if you feel like showing off!




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  1. Tina says:

    The question about the droid?Most of these are in the droid market also.

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