Top 50 iPhone Apps for Moms

It's all about the apps, ain't it? Oh, we know we can't live without our iPhones, but the truth is, the real "lifesavers" behind the lifesaver are all those tiny little programs that make a parent's life infinitely better. But which are worth buying? And how do they work? And who has time to figure this out, anyway? Well, we do, and we did. Read on to find the apps that will help you manage your life, or at least a portion of it! Don't see your favorite? Nominate it here! - Sarah Kimmel

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Budget Touch

The best iPhone apps for moms have been announced! Budget Touch



Budget Touch’s Rankings

While there’s no shortage of apps on the market for managing your finances, Budget Touch stands out for its digital take on the family-friendly “envelope” system of money management. With Budget Touch, you set up virtual “envelopes,” corresponding to the various categories of your monthly spending (housing, groceries, entertainment, gourmet chocolate : ), then deduct your spending from the appropriate “envelope” every time you pay a bill or check out at the store. You can see at a glance (and on the go) that you’ve got $50 left in your grocery budget, or that you’ve got some extra funds leftover in entertainment this month, and you can transfer money from one envelope to another with a couple of clicks. The coolest part? You can set up your income to automatically fund envelopes in the same amounts each time you get paid.

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  1. Tina says:

    The question about the droid?Most of these are in the droid market also.

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