Top 50 iPhone Apps for Moms

It's all about the apps, ain't it? Oh, we know we can't live without our iPhones, but the truth is, the real "lifesavers" behind the lifesaver are all those tiny little programs that make a parent's life infinitely better. But which are worth buying? And how do they work? And who has time to figure this out, anyway? Well, we do, and we did. Read on to find the apps that will help you manage your life, or at least a portion of it! Don't see your favorite? Nominate it here! - Sarah Kimmel

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The best iPhone apps for moms have been announced! Shopkick



ShopKick’s Rankings

Sure, you check in on Foursquare, and maybe you’ll get a discount on your sandwich. You might check in on Facebook just to let everyone know you need some more toilet paper from Target, but what if you could get rewarded for all those check-ins? With ShopKick you actually can! Here’s how it works: you check into a store like Target or Best Buy. You accumulate points (called kicks) just by going in, and accumulate even more points by scanning barcodes of featured items. Eventually, you can unlock great deals, like 15 percent off your entire in-store purchase or $5 off a pair of jeans. It may not be a ton of money, but all those savings will add up. Additionally, as you accumulate kicks you can earn rewards like iTunes gift cards, movie tickets, Facebook credits, and more. Kicks can also be donated to several different causes, so you can help out some of your favorite organizations while you use this app. Earning kicks can become a game for your kids too – perfect for keeping them busy while you shop; they can help you find the featured items!

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  1. Tina says:

    The question about the droid?Most of these are in the droid market also.

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