Mom Sues Kids for Faux Facebook Page


facebookhaveThe mother of a teen whose Facebook page earned him nearly six hundred friends is suing four of her son’s classmates. The page, she says, wasn’t actually his but a prank by the four kids meant to harass her son.

Set up to look like it was the actual page belonging to Laura Cook’s son, the page included his cell phone number and pictures of the boy.

But it also was filled with disparaging comments about President Obama’s race and lewd sexual comments about female classmates – all things the Cook says were faked by four teens whose real names have not been revealed.

And it all would have stayed at the fun and games level. Except the angry mother says her son may have lost a college scholarship over the page – an athlete being courted by several colleges, the court papers show a representative of one of the schools cited the page as a concern when discussing recruitment details.

In light of repeated warnings to ensure your kids are aware that their Facebook pages could get them in trouble (and often do), Cook’s suing the teens – teammates of her son – for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress and injunctive relief. She says what’s been seen on the faux Facebook page has caused irreperable harm to her son’s reputation – because others don’t know it WASN’T him posting the material.

Image: Facebook

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