Mom Surfing Facebook Finds Baby Photos From a Decade Old Stolen Roll of Film

A photo thought to be lost forever.
A photo thought to be lost forever.

Ever find an old roll of undeveloped photos and get it developed just so you can see what’s on the film?

I did a couple years back. Technically it was a disposable camera that was discovered at the bottom of a box of old keepsakes of mine and the camera was full of photos of my dog, so no grand discovery there, but still! It was an exciting moment, opening the packet of photos to see what memory the pictures would unlock.

A Canadian woman was recently reunited with an old roll of film which contained photographs of her newborn daughter who is now 9-years-old. Ann Perry-Smith’s car was broken into nine years ago. Some cameras and a roll of film with undeveloped photos of her new baby were stolen. She never thought she’d see the photos again but thanks to Helen Maslyk, she has them nearly a decade later.

According to The Huffington Post, Maslyk stopped on the side of a road with car trouble near Victoria, British Columbia. She saw the roll of film in a nearby ditch and decided to get the film developed. When she saw the photos she uploaded them to Facebook thinking she might be able to find their owner.

Ann Perry-Smith came across them and told CBC News she couldn’t believer her eyes. “My jaw just dropped. There’s a picture of my husband, my baby — who’s only just weeks old at the time — and my dog, laying on the bed together.”

Very cool. So, if you ever discover an old roll of film, get it developed! You never know what you might find!


Photo source: CBS.Ca

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