Mom Tries To Trade Son for Gas


pumping_gas350Yes times are tough. Money for basic neccessaties can be hard to come by. But trading you child for a tank of gas? That ain’t just tacky but totally terrible.

According to the Tampa/St. Petersburg newstation WTSP, a 37-year-old mom named Marcy Pappalardo has been accused of trying to sell her 6-year-old son to a tow truck driver for gas for her car.

After the tow truck driver opted not to take her up on her offer, he called 9-1-1 reporting the incident. The cops arrested Pappalardo over after she had gotten a ride with another driver. The driver told police that Pappalardo said that the tow truck driver had actually wanted sex with Pappalardo return for the help, and had concocted the tale of her trying to sell her child to cover it up. Yup, it’s a classic case of he said she said.

The mom has been charged with child neglect but police are still working on the case to see what really went down.

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Source – Via DLISTED


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