Mom Turned Millionaire Makes Baby Bottoms More Adorable


Feeling unfulfilled by your day job? Do you also have an idea for a product you think might be genius if you could just find a way to make it a reality? Amber Schaub, former real estate agent, found herself in that situation. Amber put her idea into action and five years later she co-owns a company with her husband Mark with a 2011 reported revenue of $2,543,300.

So, what was Amber’s big idea?

Back in 2007 she was searching for a pair of “ruffle butt bloomers,” a hallmark of her own childhood, to give to her friend’s daughter as a birthday gift. When she couldn’t find them, she recognized it as a business idea and  launched her company Rufflebutts, a children’s apparel company, within the year.

Today the company employs 15 people and sells its products all over the U.S. as well as internationally. In August 2011 they further expanded to included a line for boys called RuggedButts.

Both Schaub and her husband admit to being frustrated in their previous careers. Amber Schaub talked to Inc. Magazine about how she felt about her career before beginning her business venture. “At the time I really struggled with what I was doing and what my purpose in life really was,” says Amber. “So I quit my job, taking some time to do that search and about three months later I started RuffleButts.”

It looks like the Schaubs have baby bottoms covered (pun intended), but if you have a genius idea you’ve been waiting to bring to the market, now seems like the time. Hey, if the makers of the Shake Weight can do it, anyone can.

Via Jezebel.

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