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Mom Upset That Her Daughter Was Spanked at School…By a Man

By Sunny Chanel |

Paddling at School – Yup It Still Happens

Taylor Santos of Springtown High School near Fort Worth, Texas, is a “well-regarded student and athlete.” But when she was caught allowing a fellow student cheat from her classwork, Taylor requested to be paddled. Why? Apparently you can take the quick way out punishment-wise at her school, and instead of being put on suspension and missing classes, you can opt to get spanked. With “her grades (being) very important to her,” Taylor reportedly didn’t want to miss any classes and picked the paddling. Her mother Anna Jorgensen was called and she gave the school permission to do so, as long as her daughter was fine with it. But the paddling isn’t what upset Taylor’s mom; it was the choice of the paddler.

The mother was under the assumption, and believed it to be school policy, that males were assigned to spank male students, while females were assigned to spank female students. To Taylor and her mom’s surprise, the vice president of the school – a male – was the one to wield the paddle while a female was there to supervise. After the spanking, Taylor’s behind was reportedly very red, “burned and blistered.” Her mother was so aghast by the injuries from the spanking that she took photos. She called the school but was told it was “normal for her bottom to look like this after receiving swats.”

The mother is fighting to have schools adhere to the same-gender spanking match-up so that this doesn’t happen to other girls. “I think Taylor is proof that we need to keep that policy,” she said. “I don’t believe a man intentionally meant to do that to her, but it still happens, because men are too big and strong to be hitting 96-pound girls.”

If you are reading this and are surprising that paddling still happens in schools, you aren’t alone. I, personally, had not idea the practice was still carried out. But it turns out paddling is legal in 19 states. In Texas, where Taylor lives, parents are given the option to opt out of having corporal punishment inflicted on their children.

There are efforts to have paddling outlawed in all our states with the People Opposed to Paddling Students (POPS) organization spearheading the fight. “They think it’s good discipline,” Jimmy Dunne president of POPS said. “But it’s legalized child abuse. I always say if this was done away from the school, the person would be arrested.”

Do you think that is a parent gives approval, that paddling is okay or would you like to see if outlawed nationwide?

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7 thoughts on “Mom Upset That Her Daughter Was Spanked at School…By a Man

  1. neal says:

    I went to middle school in Alabama. One of my best friends, who was kind of a smart alec and quick to talk back, got paddled all. the. time. He started packing extra pairs of boxers to school with him, which he’d add to his armor in the event he ended up being paddled that day.

  2. DeathMetalMommy says:

    While I am not opposed to spanking, I am opposed to someone else inflicting it upon my child. That’s not why you have a job. Your job is to teach these children and set good examples for them, not beat the crap out of them.

  3. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    It amazes me that if a parent inflicted the exact type of injuries on their own child as a result of spanking, they would be hauled to jail and charged with child abuse, so why is it okay for a school offical to do the same and for that to be legal? And if this mom was so concerned with how her child was paddled, regardless that her permission was given, why didn’t she take those photos and hire a lawyer to seek out some legal advice. She really should b/c the school went against their own policy by not having a same sex adult dole out the paddling to the student. While I do believe in spanking, I don’t believe that a school official should have the right to physically disipline any child, nor do I belive that a spanking should be done with anything other than an open hand and should never result in blisters either. Leaving blisters isn’t a spanking, that’s a beat down…

  4. geo says:

    I would be in jail tonight for MURDER had that dirt bag son of a bitch left welts on my daughter.

    Corporal punishment is one thing, but leaving marks afterwards is another.

    I hope somebody rocks his sorry ass world……..

    Has anyone wondered if there is a sexual implication here with the douchebag. He clearly broke protocol established by the school and the schoolboard.

    He should LOSE HIS JOB.

  5. john4carter says:

    Get of it will you! It’s not like the man was touching body parts or doing some thing perverted or kinky or anything. If she chose to get paddled, it does not matter if a man or a woman is wielding the piece of wood. Of course her butt is going to get red?! She is not getting hit with a pillow. Plenty of women can hit dang hard also. The fact is mommy is teaching her daughter to be a crybaby and not accepting punishment ot learn right from wrong. Raising your children to be a spoiled brat will only hurt them in the long run. EXAMPLE: My sister was raised soft and got away with EVERYTHING because mommy did not want to punish her little princess. Well, now 20+ years later, that same little princess can’t hold a job, has a messy divorce and is dirt poor due to personality issues. We all have to learn life’s lesson some time, either as children or as an adult.

  6. mick drysdale says:

    I was in a school where black girls were paddles except we didn’t use a paddle it was too harsh, female teachers did but male teachers used their hands. wait there is another twist the gilrs got wise and wore extra panties and padding so it was incumbent on the teachers depending on how strict and the level of severity the particualar girl was in whether or not to go the next step. It was often the case that the girls who were smoking or doing drugs preferrred the spanking to the police or parent option. so it was that until recently we would take the girl to a private room and she would straddle laying over your knee and I would actually lift het shirt and pull her panties down and smack the girls on the bare bottom. this was the case for 12 years and some teachers did it regularly and the girls knew that that teacher would not “dob” if they didn’t. knowing full well that this was probably illegal we got away with it becuase of the code of silence. I had girls 15 – 17 ( all mostly black) expose their buttocks and i had to spank them. some joked and said they actually liked it and I would spank harder and longer. I was aware that this practise in our school was perhaps reculiar ( being a religeous school) I would say that this probable constitited some level of abuse, although sactioned by the head. suprisingly the really bad girls were sent to us and we had our repeat offenders. I was considered the ‘easy one” in that I found out I was not particuarly heavy handed and thought that the humiliation was punitive enough and this was inpterpretted as ” soft” I would firmly and slowly smack a girls bare bottom until it was red probbaly 20 times or more and I felt so bad that these girls did not see this punishment as severe enough to stop their naughty ways. I would talk to them while this was going on and say things like ” you are a naughty naughty girl aren’t you ” . I then would reach over to the balm I had and proceed to rub this healing salve on their bottoms to promote less redness and repair the soft tissue. this was misinterpreted and seen as perverse by some other teachers and that the girls didn’t derserve it. to tell you the truth after many years of doing this to young teenage girls nearly every afternoon after school inprivate I began to think I had become addicted or had some unhealthy enjoyment arise from it. I have to aditt I did get a little turne don by it and each time worried that the girls would take issue with feeling my arousel pressing into their stomachs more and take issue with that. So do I condone the padling I would have to say given opportunities to conduct corperal punishment in this fashion that it is open to abuse. I have just admitted such.

  7. Linda, T.O.O. says:

    Thank you, @Mick Drysdale, for living out your sexual fantasy on a PARENTING site where people talk about their kids. @@.
    This entire story is f***ed up and makes me have zero faith in humanity. First of all, it’s inconceivable that schools even use corporal punishment. Hitting someone with a paddle is assault, not “spanking.” Secondly, the girls mom is a complete idiot ~ you’re just catching on that school officials beating your teenaged daughter isn’t the best idea? Really? Finally, all you people with the charming little anecdotes about your childhood paddling have issues.It’s neither funny nor charming that adults beat you. This whole topic just pisses me off. It should be illegal.

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