Mom Uses Her Own Breastmilk to Make Soap


soapA list of ingredients on the  Mothers Moon handcrafted all natural soaps: “olive oil, honey, glycerin, breastmilk.” Wait, what?

Yes, folks, she uses her own breastmilk in the Mothers Moon Breastmilk Soap. And you can get three ounces for just $3!

I don’t know whether to thank the friend who sent this my way or wash my eyes out .  . . with non-milky soap, natch.

The soap comes out of Winslow, Maine where the soapmaker also offers doula services, reiki, henna pregnancy art and belly castings. All new age-y things that can be totally awesome. But we’re still caught up on her breastmilk.

And we’re thinking not so much. Because the cool thing that most women talk about (especially those with a new age bent – let’s face it) is the fact that it’s milk made JUST FOR her baby. Never heard a dang thing about it cleaning my baby – or me for that matter.

What do you think – nice or nasty?

Image: slashdot

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