Mom With Cancer Dies After Refusing Chemo to Save Unborn Baby's Life


Okay, so I honestly don’t know what I would do in this horrifying and heartbreaking situation — Stacie Crimm, 41, had been told she couldn’t have children and was thrilled to find out she was pregnant, only to learn a few months later that she had cancer. She decided to refuse chemotherapy to save her baby, later born 10 weeks premature.

Stacie fell into a coma and died three days after the birth. Dottie Mae Crimm went home with her uncle, Stacie’s brother, seen in the (awkward?) exclusive Today Show video below


I tried to discuss Stacie’s story with my husband last night, wondering what we would do if faced with the same nightmare, but there’s just too many things to consider, and it’s ultimately just so sad. She was apparently unmarried, there is no mention of the baby’s father, and she had no other children. Would she have made the same choice if her circumstances had been any different? Should that even matter?

What do you think?

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