Mom With Crying Baby Tries to Escape Plane Via Emergency Exit

An Airplane Escape

We’ve all been there. You are on the plane and your baby starts to cry not unlike a banshee. Most of us would just apologize to our fellow passengers, try to calm our baby and bide our time until we can get off the aircraft.  But a mother on a plane in Vietnam couldn’t wait. She tried to escape the plane with her crying child via the emergency exit.

Fortunately, the plane was not in flight and was merely waiting on the tarmac. But the woman with the screaming child decided she wanted to leave immediately. She asked the man sitting next to her to open the door. He complied. This triggered the escape slide, and yes, chaos ensued.

But there is a cost to his kindness. An airport official says he will be fined up to $950. And it will cost the airline $10,000 to put the slide back in to place and refit it. An expensive attempted escape for sure.

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