Mommy Bloggers For Sale: Just $7!

Have you been wondering how to care and feed a typical mommy blogger when you’re conducting a social media campaign? Good news! This article is here to help. There are so many helpful hints!

Okay. Ending my sarcasm now.

On the surface, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this article. I actually agree with the idea that bloggers should be treated as professionals, and the mention of advertising on blogs. There are several points that are true, in fact, but there is something about the tone that rankles the other bloggers I’ve spoken to about it.

Also? If you can find me a blogger that will take $7 for a sponsored post, I’ll find you a seriously terrible blog that doesn’t get any traffic, will forget to add your links, won’t actually write up the product, and will generally give you EXACTLY $7 worth of effort.

The truth is, when you’re working with bloggers (as I have done multiple times on behalf of my clients), you need to follow the three “Rs”.

• Respect.

• Relationships.

• Reasonable.

Bloggers like to be treated with respect almost more than they want to be considered professionals. Many bloggers are just starting and don’t consider themselves professionals yet, but they still need to be treated with respect. Honoring the effort a blogger goes to on behalf of your client or your company is critical to getting the blogger on your side.

Relationships are key with bloggers; not only do you need to work to maintain a direct relationship with a blogger, but you also never know who is friends with that blogger. Don’t treat them badly, don’t be dismissive or rude, and do NOT bitch about other bloggers (yes, I’ve had PR people do this kvetch to me about a blogger I know and am friendly with). Be friendly and professional with everyone and you will be able to build the relationships that are key to working in this space.

Lastly, it is CRITICAL to have reasonable expectations of a blogger. You want a smart review of a product? Send them the product in a timely manner, give them enough time to become familiar, and provide them with the info they need. You want a giveaway? Giveaways take a ton of time and effort; give the bloggers a fee for their time. You want a great, informative sponsored post? Pay them enough that they will put serious time into the post. Want to bring bloggers in as ambassadors for your product? Make it worth their while. Flying bloggers to your company to get acquainted with the products? Pay their damned travel to the airport.

Ultimately, if you want to know how to get the most out of working with mom bloggers, use the three Rs. Plus you might want to consider hiring an actual mom blogger to help (there sure are enough of us doing consulting). And for the love of GOD don’t follow the lousy advice in the column I linked to in the first paragraph.

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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