Mommy Brain Is A Myth: New Moms' Brains Actually Grow

Brain scans show new moms' brains grow
Brain scans show new moms' brains grow

Moms really are the brains of the operation. New research shows that, far from losing grey matter when we become mothers, mamas’ brains actually grow.

In the months after giving birth, women develop more brain cells in the parts of the brain associated with reasoning, judgement and sensory perception. We really do know everything! At least, more than mere mortals who have not given birth.

What’s more, the more you love your baby, the more your brain develops:

Those moms who are particularly awestruck and gushy over their babies show more growth in the brain areas associated with motivation, reward and the regulation of emotion, the researchers said.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: what about Mommy Brain? We’ve all been there, feeling hormonal and stupid. We can gush over our babies, but we can’t solve a simple logic problem. I was even more forgetful, absent-minded and confused than I usually am.

But apparently I also grew, if not sharper, wiser. Better able to perceive what’s around me and make good judgments about it. Or at least the 19 women in this study did. Yes, 19 is a very small sample. But I’m going to take this as gospel truth next time someone casually asserts that motherhood makes women stupid.

Photo: Andrew Cisel

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