Mommyblogging vs. Homeland Security and More


A friend of mine — scheduled to deliver her first baby tomorrow — put out a question to all of her Facebook friends recently:  “What do I really need to bring to the hospital?”  LilSugar has some great tips for packing your hospital bag.

Most experts say it should take months — not weeks — to lose the weight a woman puts on during her pregnancy.  Eco Child’s Play has five easy tips for losing the baby fat naturally.  How did you lose the baby fat?

Her Bad Mother was detained by Homeland Security because they didn’t think that blogging was a legitimate business that could warrant travel to and from various conferences.  Read her Twitter stream and marvel that there are still people out there who’ve never heard of the word “mommyblogging.”

Baby in a watermelon — cute or creepy?  The motivation for putting her in there, a little weird.  But those baby lips smacking are undeniably adorable. — Jezebel

Does your second child play second fiddle to the first?  Second kids may not get the undivided attention that firstborns had, but there are benefits to being born second.  According to MOMformation, second kids get a better chance to learn patience, get a head start on learning, and often have a better sense of humor.

Photo: MJTR, Flickr

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