Moms Can Out-Casual the Snuggie!


pajama-jeansThe grocery story may be banning moms in pajamas, but it looks like some moms have just found a way around it with a product that seems to out-casual the Snuggie.

Because while you really should keep that blanket with sleeves at home, the pajama jeans are made to be worn out and about. Er, we think?

Check out the video sent our way by a Strollerderby reader:

See! They’re supposed to replace the sweats at the supermarket! But what really surprised us? These “jeans” with the “high-contrast stitching, brass rivets and an unbeatable fit” aren’t being marketed completely to mom as the perfect solution to your sloppy attire.

I’m still waiting for someone to create a pair of PJs that are comfy enough for my daughter to wear to bed but would look perfectly acceptable if I took her to nursery school in them – for those days when she just . . . wont’ . . . get . . . dressed. Because we’ve all heard the “experts” who advise taking your kids to school in their PJs to teach them a lesson, but apparently none of them ever took their child to pre-school in upstate New York.

If I tried it, I dare say I might be arrested.

What about you?

Image: Pajama Jeans

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