Moms Take "The Talk" To Where The Teens Are: The Internet


Remember learning about the birds & the bees? For a lot of us, that meant dusty basement classrooms, the world’s most boring filmstrip rattling along with grainy close-ups of sperm and egg under a microscope, and a tired lecture from our guidance counselor.

A group of Bay Area moms wants to change that.

They’ve teamed up with June Bug Films to make sex ed videos kids will actually want to watch. The group has created a provocative and edgy PSA about sex education for teenagers. Their hope is to get their message out to teens using the media teens are using. They’re distributing the PSA on YouTube.

The message is a simple one: get informed.

Using the aesthetics of a rock video and a firm but funny voice over, the ad urges teens of all sexual identities to learn the facts about sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. To get those facts, kids are encouraged to visit, and

Kari Nevil, the mom leading this project, says she was inspired to give her kids accurate information in a sex-soaked media world.

“Teens are bombarded with messages about sex that are glamorized, inaccurate or boring,” says Nevil. “Kids go to the Web to find out about Sex. Mannequins was produced to meet them where they already are and hopefully attract their attention so we can direct them to reliable sex education web sites.”

Photo: June Bug Films

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